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Investors & development


Amber Hospitality Services Ltd. invites you to discover why we will be your perfect business partner in hotel development, and in the hotel industry. We have a very complete offer of integrated services, assuring you right from the first step of your investment that you have a team of dedicated and industry skilled professional, to provide you with all the necessary advice and tools, ranging from Construction Site Evaluation, Architecture Project, Concept Design, Procurement Management, Brand Integration, Operations Design, and many other services that make us a different Development Company.

As a standard procedure in our company, it is to introduce every step of the development to our business partners and Owners, you can be assured that you will have our full support every step of the way.

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By the diversity of brand offering, our capabilities to provide widespread operations support, our enthusiasm to innovate, and our efforts to determine consumer demand, we are offering our Business Partners and Hotel Owners a strong competitive advantage. The motivation is simple—to win by being the best choice and offer for Business Partners, Owners, Guests, Colleagues, and Investors.

We have the ability to transform your goals into our goals, by that, we ensure that each property is maximizing its full potential for revenue generation and operation net profitability, we create market demand and take every opportunity to maximize the potential of each property.

  • National & Global reach and presence

  • Unparalleled commitment to service

  • Focused marketing and distribution

  • Tailor made products for different customer segments

  • Robust Talent Pipeline

  • Operational Excellence

  • Enhanced Safety and Security

  • Promise of Sustainability

  • Technology at the heart of progress

  • Digital Platforms

  • Loyalty and CRM

  • Sales, PR & Marketing

  • Revenue Management Network and Distribution

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

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