About Us

The Amber Hospitality Services Limited is a hospitality management and development company, created by hoteliers and financial professional aiming to bring into the industry a comprehensive understanding of management and development, by implementing the right approaches that this industry requires. 

Our roots are in Africa, but our business knowledge was gathered around the world and in all kinds of hospitality operations, despite all the challenges that the industry faces nowadays our mission still to provide responsible management solutions. 

Amber Hospitality Services Limited has developed different Brands to reach all angles of the industry, targeting customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional services and quality products.


By meeting and continually endeavouring to exceed our customers' expectations, we will produce the results needed to satisfy and attract investors and continue our individual and corporate growth.

Our Mission.jpg

To provide and help the implementation of a positive working environment, for a superior hotel

management services. 

Our Vision.jpg

To bring trusted expertise and create opportunities, made them boundless and

business successes.  

Our Values