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BLUE AMBER  -  Luxury Hotels

Plush, Contemporary, Grand, Inspiring.

From the charm and longing of an olden era to the modern amenities of today’s flawless high-tech efficiency, the BLUE AMBER - Luxury Hotels brand was designed to stand as an enduring testament to a golden age of warm-hearted hospitality, luxury, and elegance. 

We build the hotels, or we refurbish the existing ones with attention to detail, quality, and an exceptional back-of-house. This passion for perfection is set by our leadership through the work and engagement of our Project Managers, designers, project teams, operations teams, and our partners, in order to achieve a truly prestigious and unique property, to convey the necessary qualities that live up to this unique brand proposition. 

Firmly we believe that luxury need not to be extravagant; that the highest standards of luxury can be delivered in a sustainable and responsible way. 

Blue Amber – Luxury Hotels are to set among the Amber Collection – Hotels & Resorts, the company brand that will be recognized by its versatility to accommodate, from families vacations to corporate business under the same roof, the hotels tend to be located in the leading business district of the cities and group destinations around the world. These hotels feature stylish, contemporary design, abundant meeting facilities and extraordinary restaurants. 


We do understand that every property is unique, and for that, we have design five main Brands in order to fully apply the demands of the market, so we look forward to discussing your specific opportunity and how we can assist you in revealing the full potential of your asset.

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